Thursday, March 12, 2009

Friday events for Gloria

Here's a note I've been emailing around this evening, trying to keep everyone in the loop:

Dear Friends--

Tomorrow, Friday, Gloria is being readmitted to MetroHealth Medical Center to adjust her medication intake for an operation she will have early next Thursday, March 19th.

After the operation on the 19th, we have no idea how long she will be kept in the hospital, but anticipate it will be another 4-5 days.

I'll get the room phone number out to you tomorrow or Saturday. I'll also post it to her blog,, so there is a point to which we can all refer back for details and at which we can converse.

And, for our blogger friends, no, I don't at this point plan to live-blog the operation. My laptop's replacement fan and heat sink have not arrived yet from China.

Tim Ferris
216-905-1049 cell

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