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Amazon.com: Survival Tactics: The Top 11 Behaviors of Successful Entrepreneurs: Ted Sun

While we were out dabbling in community dialogues and MeetingTheBloggers, one of our friends published a book, in mid-2007, and we missed it. Gloria and I completed Ted Sun's Leadership Academy over a 6-month period in 2004 in Columbus, along with a few other members of our professional think tank, The Money Foundation. We found it very worthwhile, and it has informed a lot of what we do since then. We recommend him, his courses, and the book. He tells me he has another due out in a few months.

One of his websites is at http://www.executive-balance.com/DrTedSun.html, and it links to the others. Here's the review from Amazon.com:

Editorial Reviews

“Sun provides an amalgam of his dissertation survey results, workshop notes, business parables, and secondary literature from business, leadership, and motivational psychology in this research-based guide to entrepreneurial success. The crux of the book is the 11 chapters devoted to the traits that most highly correlated to entrepreneurial success in Sun's survey of entrepreneurs. Each of these behaviors is elaborated with material from the literature and exercises for personal reflection and development. Sun's book is engagingly written, is based in solid survey research and entrepreneurial experiences, has clear citations, and draws on a wide variety of popular thought.... Recommended. General readers, practitioners, and aspiring entrepreneurs.”–Choice

“Sun outlines 11 core behaviors of successful entrepreneurs and how readers can develop these qualities. Using research with entrepreneurs and his own experiences as a basis, he explains the behaviors--constant learning, technical proficiency, self-confidence, co-dependence, risk taking, being reactive, employee training and development, team-based decisions, being surprised, measurements and responsiveness, and action without full information--and how these can transform leadership style. Exercises are presented to help readers understand their beliefs and values and challenge and change them.”–Reference and Research Book News

Product Description
According to a recent Gallup poll, seven out of ten high school students report that they want to start and run their own business. Every year, five million Americans launch their own ventures, according to the Small Business Administration. By any measure, the movement toward entrepreneurship is increasing each year. While many resources provide practical information to guide the entrepreneur or small business owner through the challenges of establishing, managing, and growing their business, few tackle the more personal side of entrepreneurship in a rigorous fashion.

As Ted Sun argues, "countless people are entering entrepreneurship in one form or another. Most have no clue how to be one." Drawing from extensive primary research conducted with entrepreneurs in a variety of fields, Sun dispels common myths and misconceptions about entrepreneurship and identifies eleven core beliefs, behaviors, and qualities of successful individuals, including technical proficiency, team-building skills, and the ability to make decisions without complete information. Moreover, through numerous illustrative examples, diagnostics, and other interactive elements, he shows the reader how to learn and develop these qualities. The result is a practical guide to the art of entrepreneurship--a primer for reducing stress, building confidence, balancing work and life priorities, becoming more productive, and increasing your chances of success.

About the Author
TED SUN is President and CEO of Executive Balance, an executive development and consulting firm for small and large organizations and Director of Eastern United States for the Institute for Transformative Thought and Learning, providing educational strategy, research, think tank, and change leadership services. He is also a part-time Lecturer in the School of Education, The Ohio State University, Adjunct Professor at Southern New Hampshire University, and Lead Faculty at the University of Phoenix Graduate Business School. His work on entrepreneurship has been featured in a wide variety of publications and broadcast media, and he has presented his research at the Global Conference on Business and Economics, among many other conferences.

Amazon.com: Survival Tactics: The Top 11 Behaviors of Successful Entrepreneurs: Ted Sun: Books

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