Wednesday, March 04, 2009

agendas and minutes of the Village of Bentleyville Council

I was looking for an old friend and stumble across this Village website that can serve as an example for all cities and nonprofits that have an obligation to have public meetings and a duty to communicate the agendas of these meetings as well as the minutes to interested parties, in a readily accessible, open, transparent format.

Here, with Bentleyville, it's simple: The agendas are in one column, and the minutes are in the next.

       Minutes & Agendas

2009 Council Agendas                            2009 Council Minutes

   (meeting date)                                           (meeting date)

2008 Council Agendas                             2008 Council Minutes

   (meeting date)                                           (meeting date)

What's so difficult about this? Why can't everybody do it this way?

I also like the way they present themselves, down to the tagline:

Village of Bentleyville

Founded 1831

Serve, Preserve, Conserve

Simplicity. Basics. There's a premium for it, and Bentleyville's a prime example.

Village of Bentleyville Council

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