Sunday, September 28, 2008

alternative business stationery: advertisements for yourself

The Crane Insider: The Amazing Calling Card Phenomenon -- I got some gentleman's calling cards from Crane's earlier this year. They're a welcome counterpoint to the traditional business card, which for me has gotten too cluttered, too hidebound, and obfuscated by disclaimers and clarifiers.

With a calling card, I don't have to get anybody's approval about how I present myself to the public. I used to use the calling card as an augmentation to the business card, and now the trend has reversed--the business card is the exception, and the calling card is the standard. It also takes away the appearance of my soliciting business or importuning financial opportunity.

The stock and the engraving are so much better quality as well.

At the link, read what Crane's Insider himself has to say about the phenomenon as it manifests among the generational segments.

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