Saturday, September 06, 2008

#9,999 little (micro) idea, for Visions of Cleveland, today at the Galleria

With the imposed space constraint on ideas, here is my second micro idea in 100 words, or less, using the 5/7/5 syllabic constraint of the haiku structure to kick things off:

Cleveland nonprofits say,

"Don't give where it does no good."

We stare back at them.

Start a business, nonprofit or LLC, to terminate nonproductive nonprofit entities in the Cleveland area. Pay a bounty-type fee. Figure out a way to name the business with the acronym of NINJA. Live long and prosper as a community. The business eventually works itself out of a job when the mission is accomplished.

Simultaneously, establish a similar business to specialize in trimming the government sector. Name this one something like GINSU, or GEEHAW.

These are simple ideas. Why haven't we implemented them yet?

My other micro idea today appears at

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  1. the tagline that didn't make it: small ideas for small minds.