Thursday, September 25, 2008

RTA afternoon report for the 79, in the twitter fashion

Bad public relations on the 79 bus, from downtown out Fulton to Denison. Had to wait downtown forever. Seemed as though 1 bus were missing. Going out of town, bus was packed. On Fulton, starting at Lorain, we were so packed we had to leave people stranded--probably 10 or 15 were not picked up.

No air conditioning.

Need more buses, more frequent pickup. Ridership cannot increase given the current packed conditions. It's impossible to run a business this way--no room to expand when expansion is sorely called for.

Need to confiscate sales tax increase earmarked for MedMartConventionCenter?

I now need to launder one shirt and send one suit for dry cleaning. Riding the bus today was a false economy.

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