Thursday, September 04, 2008

secession may provide the solution to what the PD wants

Callahan’s Cleveland Diary » Blog Archive » PD: Cut Council in ‘09, we don’t care how -- Callahan points up the fact that the local paper is calling for a reduction in council, regardless. I'd like to accomodate them. If Brooklyn Centre secedes, there will be at least one fewer council salary.

It's been difficult, over the years, watching our neighborhood be back-leveled through a denial of service. Before we reach the same level as Mayor Jackson's frames of reference of what a neighborhood ought to look like, we need to pull out and declare our independence, and take our money and our assets with us. From my point of view, the city has not been our friend.

All wards may have equal rights, but that doesn't mean a government must degrade prosperous areas to bring them to the same low level as failing wards.

A population size of 25,000 lives, give or take, more than puts us on a par with other suburbs in the coming regionalization craze. The suburbs are going to try to make every little podunk mayor Jackson's equal, and I don't see them getting much resistance. It's time for us to become re-individuated, as it was 200 years ago. Please don't preach me about economies of scale--show me the numbers, if you can.

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