Tuesday, August 05, 2008

WEN: The Women's Enterprise Network branches out

YouTube - WomensEnterpriseNet's Channel -- Here's an offshoot of MeetTheBloggers and I-Open, Midtown Mornings and Midtown Brews, communicating on multiple platforms, explained by Betsey Merkel:

I wanted to address solutions for anyone who has tried to view the Live Shows and interviews on the Mogulus Internet TV channel and may have had trouble viewing information.

Here's the situation:

1. We have several different platforms for our information distribution: Flickr (for photos) , You Tube (10 min videos); Mogulus (internet tv) ; Twitter (short updated comments). (See the same info posted to the sidebar to your right.)
2. If you do not have the bandwidth for Mogulus (you need at least 500 kpbs. If you are not sure you can measure the speed of any provider with
SpeedTest) , I recommend you use You Tube which offers archived video downloads nearly always accessible.
3. At this time most of our content is loaded to Mogulus; I am gradually uploading video clips/summaries to You Tube of our existing content. I am gradually adding these links to each space's side bar.
4. For the multimedia (anything with moving pictures) we are using the Womens Enterprise Network Mogulus and You Tube Channels. If you have the bandwidth capability for Mogulus, use it, otherwise try viewing on You Tube.
The Ohio Library Internet provider has recently made an upgrade in bandwidth. You should be able to view the Mogulus channel without delays at your local library!
Thanks for your patience!

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