Tuesday, August 12, 2008

God bless the little Meweet

Teagan - Origin and Meaning of the name Teagan at BabyNamesWorld -- The baby has arrived, down in Knoxville, at 5:09 PM. She came in at a little more than 7 pounds and hasn't been measured for height yet--her mom and dad haven't turned her loose since she made her debut. And at last we know her name: Teagan Elizabeth. The kids have picked something that should please all sides of the family, with a little Gaelic and a little English derivation.


  1. Thanks Dad! That's awesome! I had not seen that link before!
    We are doing well and loving our baby girl!

  2. Yes, love love the name! of course I love the middle name as it is mine:) Mo sounded so good when she called me...Congrats to the grandparents...let the spoiling begin:)ha
    Sharon Thompson

  3. how wonderfull for everyone. I love the name. A new baby girl!!! I have 2 Leo's and they are wonderful girls. I'm your father's cousin, Patricia Beth (Ferris) Weaver. Congrat's to all and best wishes.

    Love ya all,

  4. Fàilte Mhoire...which is something my grandfather from Donegal would say...he also had a variation of it that I was not allowed to say, which roughly translated to "mother of god, mary, jesus, joseph" or something like that. In any case, luck of the Irish and congrats!!!

  5. Congratulations Grand Dad! I bet you are already packed and ready to start the spoilin' :-)

  6. Doting is what we plan on, I think. I couldn't stand to spoil one; the buck stops here. Thanks, all of you, for the good will.