Friday, August 01, 2008

from the CRS newsletter: Theatre Benefit to Honor Rokakises

Kerri Broome of the Cleveland Restoration Society has ventured bravely to supply the plural of "Rokakis" in this headline from her CRS newsletter. Jim is a friend of ours and of the community whose proposal for land-banking the foreclosure mess should prove a boon to preservation of our built heritage.

find "Hidden Treasure" on 9/13
Jim and Laurie Rokakis will be honored at the
Cleveland Public Theatre on September 13. The annual gala, Pandemonium, will feature a variety of entertainment by local theatre, dance, visual, and performance artists on the Cleveland Public Theatre campus, located on Detroit Avenue in Cleveland's Near West Side. Jim, Cuyahoga County Treasurer, was instrumental in launching our Heritage Home Program(SM) in 2001 and Laurie has a long history of community volunteering and advocacy. Tickets are $125 each and are available online.


  1. You know how I feel about the Greek tragedy in our neighborhood. Maybe Jim and Laurie should move back home.