Monday, August 25, 2008

Table 7 on 09/16/2008

Dear Blogger--

Ah, at the beck and call of an email from the Old Road Warrior (parse this three-word phrase as you will), Table 7 awakens from it's summer slumber and begins to slouch towards Superior in September, on the 16th.

What's the upshot thus far? Where are we now? Will the appetizers be just a little bit heavier? Will the coffee be just as good? Will we find the anwers to the meaning of life, and be able to finance the plan-to-end-all-plans from amongst our herd of new-found friends? Will we get out in time to grab dinner at Marie's?

Will we have fun? I'm hoping to be in town and to see you there.

If you want admission to the Table 7 collaboration, drop me a line at

Tim Ferris

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