Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Summit County's godfather of GOP

Summit County's godfather of GOP: "'Nothing happens unless money changes hands with Alex,' Zaidan said. 'You want to be judge? Fine. This is what it'll cost you.'
Zaidan, 74, who once described Arshinkoff, 51, in print as a 'quick-witted sumo wrestler with inexhaustible energy,' remembers Arshinkoff just beginning in politics, in the early 1970s.
Arshinkoff was a college student who had a job cleaning toilets at the courthouse when he walked into the Beacon Journal newsroom and met Zaidan.... "

Here's a little background material for tomorrow's MeetTheBloggers interview with Jim Petro, another wrestler. Thanks to the Columbus Dispatch this past Sunday, though, I also know that Petro has another skill set--he sews:

Petro, a heavyweight wrestler in high school and college, also sews and tailors clothes for himself and his wife. In fact, Mrs. Petro said her parents gave him a sewing machine for graduating from law school.
"He was always borrowing my mother’s," she said.
Petro said he learned to sew as a child when he went to his mother to sew on a button and she showed him how to do it himself instead.

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