Tuesday, March 07, 2006

GEO: Green Energy Ohio

Just got back from Newburgh Heights and a talk by Fletcher Miller of GEO about wind turbines, or windmills, and their future in this region. Interesting points:
  • Ohio stands to gain the second most of all the states from wind power, second only to California (chart: More Wind, More Jobs, from the American Wind Energy Association)
  • the cost of a kwh, I think, with wind energy is around 5 cents, and currently we up here pay in the 12-13 cent range from the electric companies, Fletcher thinks. Also, there is approximately a 1.9-cent tax credit, lowering the net cost further
  • cost recovery time on the initial investment in wind energy is about 7-8 years
  • Denmark has the most of this type of energy, followed by Germany

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