Monday, March 27, 2006

Retiring in the country? You might think you will - MarketWatch

Retiring in the country? You might think you will - MarketWatch: "In fact, even among those who do make a move, most usually choose to live in a major metropolitan center, loath to give up the cultural attractions and other conveniences that are hard to find in more placid settings.
'We have our image of people retiring and they move,' said Elinor Ginzler, director for livable communities at AARP.
'That's the national myth. The reality is ... most people don't move,' she said. 'Community is incredibly important to our older citizens. They feel connected to their community.'
A quieter part of a major metropolitan area anchored by a large city, often in a warmer climate, is a popular relocating-retiree choice.
'Generally, people are moving from metropolitan counties where there are dense populations to other metropolitan counties that are less dense,' said Ron Manheimer, director of the University of North Carolina's Center for Creative Retirement in Asheville, N.C"

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