Friday, October 31, 2008

What Would Bono Do? (WWBD?)

Blundering Mayor Jackson and City Council REALNEO for all--Roldo points up the fact that The Rock Hall is now a welfare recipient, in competition with the truly needy. I'd encourage each and every rock star involved to boycott the event. Seize the moral high ground! Apply this litmus test: What Would Bono Do? Then, do it.

This is not what you do with a tax dollar, boys and girls of city council. Take back your vote. Take back the money. So you got all excited and gave away the store. You're allowed a mistake every now and then. Now go get the money back. (Think: If we had to recapture it from all of your paychecks, how long would it be until you ate, after the induction dinner? Could you go over to Polensek's if things got really rough? Could you get a ConAgra microwave dinner from the welfare office?)

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is not a charity, despite the fact that they cloak themselves in the tax structure of the truly needy. They have a balance sheet. They try to show a profit and yet not pay taxes back to the community. Let's end this charade.

And for my friends over at the Cleveland Clinic, I hope you're taking this to heart. It's time for PILOTs, before you have to give it all up entirely.

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