Tuesday, October 28, 2008

having faith in politicians is like casting emeralds into the sewer

I got an email this morning from Matt Furey, writing from China, where he's visiting. This guy has a way with words:

No politician, regardless of how slick, is going to give me or anyone else health, wealth or witticism.

They can promise all they want - but placing your faith in them is sort of like casting emeralds into the sewer. It's a rare day on earth when modern day politicians propose change for the better - and this year, despite all the rhetoric, is no exception.

So I'm in China right now - watching capitalism grow by leaps and bounds while the U.S. races sphincter-first into socialism.

It's quite an amazing view. From the outside China is often depicted as nothing but a bunch of commie totalitarian thugs. Yet, from the inside, there's no better display of the glories of capitalism, team work and creativity.

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