Tuesday, October 21, 2008

That Tim Ferris is so Damn Smart!

That Tim Ferris [sic] is so Damn Smart! « Experience Experiment -- Hey, it's not my place to tutor them in spelling. I like the headline. It resonates with me. I couldn't pass up the chance to exploit it.

At the link, as well, is an interesting profile of a modern office arrangement in Holland. It reinforces what we learned with Meet.The.Bloggers: Online is fine, but you have to get everybody together face to face regularly as well for the synergies to work.

And while I'm talking about it--I realize that the Meet.The.Bloggers site is still biffed and crippled, and that George only has so much time. However, if you have dead links or if any of your favorite interviews or transcripts haven't reappeared yet, why not drop him a note and see if he has time to get around to recovering content on a per-request basis. We all have a lot invested in the project, and we can ill afford to waste what gives value and depth to a community dialogue.

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