Saturday, December 29, 2007


Our kids took a picture of this book I've been reading by Jagdish Sheth, lately of Emory University outside Atlanta. I guess they thought the name was unique and needed to be made part of this year's Christmas chronicle.
I bought this book in Atlanta at our annual convention and started reading it 12/09/2004. I am now on page 245 of 272 and have not made it all the way through once yet, and I plan to read it again, and again.
There's a lot of thought-provoking content here for all of us who serve others on a professional basis. The focus is on advisors and consultants, but the precepts or concepts apply to all who have professional engagements.
I recommend this book highly; it is loaded. Especially a propos to our regional dialogue are the discussions of scarcity and abundance, of engineering and economics juxtaposed with the liberal arts, and of trust and integrity.


  1. Thanks for the recommendation, Tim - I love books that talk about this kind of thing from a human perspective and not how much money someone can make you. This sounds like one of those books. Happy New Year to you and Gloria and your family!

  2. and a happy and prosperous New Year to you and yours, too, madame

  3. Oh that is too funny!
    We always say "Goodnight Jugdish!"--it is from one of my all time fave Seinfeld episodes, circa 1997 I believe. It is the one where they all go to India for a wedding (hence the name: Jugdish/Jagdish) and the entire episode shows the events backwards--so at the beginning you see the most recent thing & the whole episode goes back to the very beginning so at the end you see what started it all--it is hilarious.

    That did not make much sense but trust me, it is so funny.

    So when I saw your book with that name on it, I wanted Kate to take my picture!!!

  4. Moey, I've been known to laugh for a lot less than that--thanks for the background. That Jugdish character, he was probably the sidekick of Archie Patel & Veronica Singh? We used to know a guy--I think he was a Sikh--whose name was Kuldeep, and we could only remember it by associating it with Cool-Whip.

  5. :) ahh..the Archie comics!
    hmmmm...I think we had someone at I.W.A. named Kameldeep Singh. And then there were 2 sisters named Chitra & Geetha Sivanadam.
    Or the boy in Katie's class...Srinivas (Srinny for short)!

  6. Your question comes at a propitious time, Tim -- I am now of an age when only those who need to know my personal details will learn them. --Sandy

  7. Ah, Managementprof, I know you must be just waiting for the day--subconsciously at least--when none of that matters any more, when age is neither a negative or a positive--it's something that just IS. What matters as time progresses are the health & functionality we enjoy and the relationships we have and are forming.

    Happy birthday, many more/much more of all the above.