Friday, December 14, 2007

Foley gets HB 138 to the floor, and it passes, 90 to 2

Callahan’s Cleveland Diary » Blog Archive » Ohio House passes Foley bill to require prompt filing of sheriff’s deeds -- Here's some good news from Callahan's blog, hot off the wires just now. And now, we need to see how they--our elected representatives who serve the foreclosure industry interests--try to bog this one down in the senate. They--our elected representatives who are trying to serve the public interest--almost didn't get it to the floor in the house.

Be mindful that any senator who delays this bill is derelict in his duty to protect the public interest. Here we go, needing to pass another law to enforce compliance with existing laws. Nobody ever realized that attorneys bound to uphold the law would subvert it by foot-dragging, quibbling and niggling, sort of like teenagers who aspire to being tagged Philadelphia lawyers.

What's been going on is unconscionable. Go see more at Callahan's blog. Pay attention to Mike Foley, who visited with us on MeetTheBloggers a year ago this past June.


  1. hey tim,
    do you think that there is any irony in landing the rock hall ceremony for 2009 which, coincidentally, is the year in which the council and mayor are up for re-election?

  2. Hadn't given it much thought, in that "ironic" vein. What month is the ceremony? Who's up for induction?

  3. its scheduled for march of 2009. i see they agreed to every three years, but now are lobbying to have it every two years, which would translate to having it every four years during the election cycle. don't know who is up for induction. but you can bet that there is a 90 plus percent chance the inductees are democrats