Wednesday, December 05, 2007

good news for the holiday season: Ruthie & Moe's has just reopened, under new management

Well, we've been waiting and waiting, and I just got a call this morning from our friend Judy that what we all knew as Ruthie and Moe's diner at 40th and Prospect is now reopened as Somers, serving breakfast and lunch from 0600-1500, five days a week, Monday through Friday.

Here's a link to an older web presence to refresh your memory about what the diner thing is all about. We used the place a lot as an early morning meeting place, and look forward to doing so again, soon.

Gloria will let you know more, later. The new owners are the same ones who run Somers Place out on West 150th. Judy is the same lady who was the main waitress at Ruthie and Moe's, and she's been working for the Somers people since the diner closed in early 2006. It's been nearly two years, so get on over there!


  1. Wow, that's great news, and splendid timing just before the holidays. I had heard six months ago that those folks were supposed to be re-opening it any day, and so had mostly lost hope by now that it would happen. R&M's retains a warm place in many hearts, as the soul of Midtown, and the best of its so-called "third places." I'll be back there often now for breakfast.

  2. Have you been yet? You'll have to let us know what it's like.

  3. George, I think we'll be there at zero dark thirty tomorrow, if they take plastic. Our card just got an infusion.

    We will test the wifi.

  4. Wonderful news, Tim. R&M's holds special place for me. So many wonderful conversations have taken place there. Can't wait to return.

  5. I went yesterday for breakfast and was astounded to learn that the two people who for me represented the soul of the place, TC, the busboy, and Judy the waitress were both back, and after two years to the month!! Even better, Judy's two daughters are now also waitresses. It instantly felt like home. Lots more to write about this, which I will soon, but suffice to say that what just might be Cleveland's best "third place" is back. Though it's no longer called Ruthie & Mo's by the way.