Friday, December 21, 2007

attorneys to forego professional courtesy, attack fellow attorneys?

Chief Justice Thomas J. Moyer asks lawyers to aid in Ohio foreclosure cases - -- Here's an interesting concept being floated by Moyer and Dann--attorneys going after other attorneys, pro bono barristers attacking the house dogs of the banks and the hedge funds. I wonder how much vigorous pursuit we'll see here? These guys have as a group fallen back on the concept of professional courtesy, for the most part, to the point of abdicating their professionalism.

This is, as I said, an interesting idea--let's see who actually implements it, and how vigorously. Actually, attorneys need to clean house--the bottom-feeder subset into which foreclosure attorneys fall have made a mockery of the law, using it for cover while expoliting its loopholes to cheat and steal.

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