Sunday, December 23, 2007

heads up from Valdis--links you won't see around here

BBC NEWS Business The US sub-prime crisis in graphics--We just got this link referral from our friend Valdis from Orgnet, pointing to the BBC's excellent late-November coverage of the lending mess and the featured interactive graphic keying in on the Cleveland area. Did we have anything like this in the PLAIN DEALER? If we did, I missed it. I guess they don't like to embarrass their advertisers, and among their advertisers are the same ones who have earned their advertising and other dollars by keeping our community in debt at the company store of credit cards, college loans, second mortgages, equity loans, and churned and recycled first mortgages.

Just offhand, did you ever think there might be some bad karma attached to a town, and to sports teams, with long-standing affiliations to hungry entities like MBNA and QuickenLoans?

The lending-process work-flow chart is something like the one Jim Rokakis has used a few times in his presentations. Keep this link. Study the graphics. Start thinking how we can take our community back.