Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wild Bill O'Neill & the National Journal

Judge O'Neill Makes the National Journal Buckeye State Blog -- Here's our friend Wild Bill O'Neill getting some positive press again. We interviewed Bill for Meet.The.Bloggers on this past Bastille Day, July 14, 2006. From Jerid at the BSB--

While it's largely a paraphrase of of Sabrina Eaton's PD Article from earlier last week, it's still exciting to see Judge O'Neill getting early DC attention. From the National Journal's House Race Hotline (subscription):

Ret. Army Lt. Col./registered nurse/Appeals Court Judge/'06 OH Supreme Court nominee William O'Neill (D) has announced he'll seek Rep. Steve LaTourette's (R) seat in '08. O'Neill: "I'm running because I'm impatient with waiting for Congress to change the course America is on." O'Neill said LaTourette's 57% victory margin in '06 over "underfunded political novice" Lewis Katz (D) shows he can be defeated by a strong candidate. LaTourette "declined to comment on the challenge or whether he's planning to seek re-election" to an eighth term.

O'Neill lost an '06 OH Supreme Court bid, but won 1.3M votes despite raising no money for the campaign. For '08, O'Neill "intends to raise" $1-2M, but "he has to delay fund-raising until he leaves the bench" in 7/07. O'Neill "predicts he'll have no trouble raising cash." O'Neill: "People should be encouraged to put their money where their heart is." LaTourette, O'Neill said, is "dead wrong about the war, and on China and on health care. I will make that case, and we'll see what the voters have to say."

O'Neill, who earned a Bronze Star in the Army during Vietnam and has a son who served in Iraq, "said he plans to attack LaTourette's voting record on the Iraq war." O'Neill also said he feels well-equipped to call for universal health care, given he's a registered nurse who currently works on call in Hillcrest Hospital's pediatric ER.

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