Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Timothy Leary, '42: Flashbacks from Mount Saint James

College of the Holy Cross Holy Cross Magazine -- This Timothy Leary retrospective piece just appeared in our alumni magazine; I guess I had more of a heritage than I knew when I matriculated at HC in 1964. Had I known what a tough act I had to follow, I would have tried harder, or at least been more irrationally exuberant. Hoya!

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  1. And Tim, in the "Six Degrees of Separation" category, Tim Leary and I were working on a book together in the early '80's. The book never was completed (I learned with Tim that working together on a book meant you did the work), but he and I staid friends through the years, tho he got royally pissed at me when I left computer publishing for Hollywood. "What do you want to hang out with that trash for doing crap work?!" This with Carrie Fisher's voice calling out in the background...

    We stayed friends and near neighbors, though the relationship cooled significantly as I did indeed get heavily involved in "crap work," though mercifully I avoid hanging out with "the trash."