Sunday, April 15, 2007

Gordon Findlay's funeral service tomorrow

Tomorrow at 0930, we're going over to a funeral home at East 65th and Quincy for services for an old friend, Gordon R. Findlay, born in Detroit December 31st, 1923, attended M.I.T. during the Second World War, class of 1944, worked on top-secret projects for the US government that kept his thesis classified and Gordon without an advanced degree. He was a friend of Gloria's since the 1970s, and he had been helping us with our computers since the early days, when the monitor displays were black with amber or green letters and a good IBM A/T cost over $10,000, with software, of course. MultiMate was all the rage. Gordon was brilliant.

The reason I'm writing about Gordon is that there's no death notice for him, nor will there be; we understand this was a decision left up to his final caregivers, whom none of us here in Cleveland know. There's a service for him at that funeral home at 65th and Quincy, but he died down in Kent and lived most of his time in Cleveland here on the West side. He is a father and has a family, but nobody knows how to contact them. We understand that at one time, in another life, he had been a prosperous businessowner, one of the early tech pioneers.

Given the way things are arranged now, it's going to be hard for anyone to note his passing.

Hence, the entry here.


  1. I used to work for Gordon in the late 80s and early 90s. I always wondered what happened to him after he went to live with Darryl down in Kent. Please contact me. I would like to know what did happen to him.

  2. How should I contact you? I don't have your email or your phone. I'd prefer to talk on the phone.

  3. If you look at "View My Complete Profile" in the right sidebar of the face of this blog, I have an email link you can use, instead of posting your contact info here. Or, you could activate your own email link in your own Blogger Profile.

  4. I might know where some of Gordon's relatives lived. He always talked about his daughter that lived in Seattle and he had a son that worked for NASA out of DC. You could leave a message on and I will give you my home number from there.

  5. Found this post vis Google. I'm no doubt far too late, but for the record (from a fellow Findlay researcher):
    Reginald Findlay married Marie, son Gordon Raymond b. 31 Dec 1923 in Detroit.
    Children of Gordon and Jacqulin Findlay:
    James Gordon Findlay, b. 28 August 1946
    Heidi Marlene Findlay, b. 4 September 1948

    Peter Smith
    Vienna, Austria

  6. Peter--

    Way cool, as the children say today, or yesterday. Thanks for posting.

    I'll make sure Heidi sees this.