Saturday, April 14, 2007

the Breuer building demolition: ignoring the public, muzzling the MSM

Read Perspective from Roldo Bartimole: Roldo a few days ago, on the Breuer building's short shrift and summary judgment:

"So it was surprising to me that Litt got shabbily cuffed by the PD after he strongly lobbied for Cuyahoga County’s stubborn commissioners (two at least, Tim Hagan and Jimmy Dimora) to think more about the decision to destroy the 29-story Marcel Breuer building behind the historic old Cleveland Trust domed building at East 9th Street and Euclid Avenue.

On March 29, 2007, just before the final vote by the Commissioners, Litt wrote a final plea... “The deal – with a cost of $218 million and counting – has looked bad from the beginning. It still does. Hagan and Dimora ought to heed the views of Commissioner Peter Lawson Jones, who favors the cheaper – and more environmentally and architecturally sensitive – option of renovating the tower,” Litt wrote.

Then Hagan and Dimora quietly voted to go ahead with the razing of the 1971 building. (Anything more than 30 years old is dispensable in our society.

Taxpayers will pay for a new expensive headquarters for the Commission and its 1,700 employees. I’ll bet that not two years will pass before the County will rent more office space elsewhere."

Then the PD demoted the uppity Sam Fulwood III just to make sure Steve Litt got the message not to get too uppity himself, ever again. Tom Feran's gone as well. Who's this Terrance E. Z. Egger playing to, anyway?

And where's Kathleen Crowther of the Cleveland Restoration Society on all this? Why do we have a restoration society in the first place, and what happened to their advocacy role? Shouldn't this be a fairly easy position to take, taking a stand and not lying down in the hopes that funding won't be disrupted?

And who's speaking to Robert Madison's embarrassing conflicts of interest? I guess that begs the question, Who can you embarrass around here any more, anyway?

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