Wednesday, April 11, 2007

nationwide affordable housing awareness campaign

NAHRO: Affordable Housing a High Priority, According to New Affordable Housing Poll--According to the article here, we just got done with a nationwide campaign to heighten our awareness of the need for affordable housing. I didn't notice much conversation around here, but maybe it was just me. I'm just hoping that any campaigners' plans do not include more HUD involvement with section 8 schemes and things like the CMHA. To do a take-off on an old libertarian-party idea, if we just took all the money we give to HUD employees and section 8 landlords and divvied it up and gave it directly to the poor, they could afford market-rate housing. Here's a good part of the article--

For a growing and more economically-diverse number of families, children, seniors and persons with disabilities, affordable housing in quality communities is illusionary. Housing America 2007 aims to raise public consciousness of the critical role of housing and community development initiatives and the fundamental benefits the nation receives from these activities. From March 21 - April 9, 2007, affordable-housing advocates across the country will participate in the campaign by sponsoring events or activities designed to highlight the critical affordable housing shortage and the need for programs, policies and resources to more effectively address local housing needs.
The poll results released today underscore America's affordable housing crisis. One-third of respondents cited having a decent, affordable place to live as their number one priority. The poll also shows that affordable housing will affect the way Americans vote. Seventy-five percent said that presidential candidates' ideas for providing more affordable housing were important in determining for whom they would vote. Nearly seven in ten said they would be more likely to vote for a candidate who had articulated a detailed plan for providing affordable housing.
The groups have united in the Housing America 2007 campaign to address the housing needs of a nation in which an estimated 754,000 are homeless on any given night, and minimum wage earners are unable to afford a one-bedroom home anywhere in the country. Housing America 2007 asks that we, as a nation, recommit ourselves to a goal of meeting the housing needs of all Americans.

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