Friday, December 01, 2006

when's it time to be burying the wires?

FirstEnergy Corp. Community Involvement : Community Involvement--Driving around today, watching the power go down and the lights go out all over the metropolitan region, I began to wonder how we can even begin to think about having a complement of forward-thinking, productive, cutting-edge, tech companies coming in here, when all our wires are still above ground?

Can we ask artistic types, design professionals, to live here and prosper, when the streetscape and the landscape are criss-crossed by visual clutter and dissonance, and thereby rendered abhorrent to finely attuned, yet delicate, artistic sensibilities?

Do we actually deserve what we think we should have, as we speculate about how we'd like to rebuild our ideal new community? Have we required our utility companies to be the most excellent community partners they can possibly be?

If they were truly "honored to be a part of this vital partnership" and secured the wires underground, it might save us a lot of trees' being trimmed unnecessarily, and deformed, as well.


  1. Tim:
    You're right on the mark with this post. Unfortunately too often in this community changes do not occur because there is such a monumental hurdle of previous practice standing in the way.
    One of the things I find most frustrating is that "Ben Doen" is in charge of way too many things (as in, "That's an interesting idea, but we've Ben Doen it this way for so long that it's not something we want to change."
    You've got to start somewhere. Perhaps the place to begin is to start with the electric company that we own - CPP - and insist that all new construction and significant reworks require buried lines.
    Of course I think Ben Doen would put a stop to that.

  2. is this Ben character one of Saddam's friends, or Yassir's?