Saturday, December 02, 2006

everybody is right

Integral Institute--Here's a way of approaching life and perception that I have been trying to incorporate into my own thinking and my business practices for a few years now, since mid-2003. Click through to see the entire *.PDF in which Jack Crittenden addressed the question "What is the Meaning of Integral?" Here's a portion--

The general idea is straightforward. It is not which theorist is right and which is wrong. Wilber's basic idea is that "Everybody is right"—that is, everybody has an important, if partial, truth—and Wilber wants to figure out how that can be so. "I don't believe," he says, "that any human mind is capable of 100 percent error." Or, as he often jokes, "Nobody is smart enough to be wrong all the time." So, Wilber concludes, "instead of asking which approach is right and which is wrong, we assume each approach is true but partial, and then try to figure out how to fit these partial truths together, how to integrate them—and not how to pick one and get rid of the others."

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