Saturday, December 16, 2006

Dovilla to deploy, Kucinich to dissemble

Once again, Mike Dovilla does something Dennis hasn't, and doesn't--puts himself at risk and on the line as he goes overseas to serve his country. Part of the rite of passage for all of us ought to be to place ourselves in the position where we can be called to submit to the process that makes this country function. Now, as during the Viet Nam conflict, what's scary from the serviceman's point of view is to have grandstanders like Kucinich raising a ruckus far, far, in the rear, keeping a proper military engagement from proceeding. From The PLAIN DEALER:

An unsuccessful congressional candidate has been called up to active duty in Iraq. Mike Dovilla, 31, of Middleburg Heights, will depart for Iraq in January as a naval officer. Dovilla, a Republican, unsuccessfully challenged Dennis Kucinich for the Ohio 10th Congressional District, which encompasses western Cuyahoga county. Dovilla is a former executive director of the Chief Human Capital Officers Council, a government panel of senior executives who advise federal agencies on human resources and coordinate their management. The job was an appointed political position. He also was a staff member for U.S. Sen. George Voinovich, a Republican from Cleveland.

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