Friday, December 22, 2006

COSE NEOSA promo tool

I saw this item in the latest COOL CLEVELAND newsletter:

NEOSA and COSE: "To Blog or Not To Blog" on Thu 1/18. We know bloggers are implied as Time "Persons of the Year" but is blogging sensible/viable for sm bus and corps as promo tool? Info

The Info link was broken. Anybody know anything about this? Anybody going? Four of us from MeetTheBloggers ran a session on business blogging for the Akron/Canton chapter of the AMA (American Marketing Association) a good while ago, this past September, but we know nothing of this COSE NEOSA offering.

"COSE NEOSA." It has a certain ring to it...sort of an Italian flavor. Maybe it's a good thing NOT to be on their radar.

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  1. I do. I'm on the panel. It's me, Rob Felber, and Chris Thompson.