Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ohio politics grab national headlines again

Concentration of Competitive Races Puts Ohio at Center of Midterm Battle - New York Times: Everybody's watching--I'm still waiting for yet higher entertainment value--The Dovilla jabs at Kucinich have been providing a bit of that, and Kucinich's silence has been atypical--
"Ohio has been a central battleground of the midterm elections because of the unusual concentration of competitive races. The Senate seat, now held by Senator Mike DeWine, is one of a half-dozen or so that will determine control of the chamber. The 4 House seats are among about 40 that will decide control of that body. And winning the governorship of Ohio can give a party a big assist in carrying the state in a presidential election.
Discontent with the war in Iraq, the limping regional economy and a corruption scandal in the Republican-controlled statehouse tilted the table in favor of the Democrats from the start of the campaign. But in the final days before the election, Republicans are fighting hard to hold on."

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