Monday, November 20, 2006

gimme shelter, gimme ad revenues

176 Newspapers to Form a Partnership With Yahoo - New York Times: Things are starting to move really fast. The culture is beginning to flip. This Yahoo move with 176 newspapers is thought to be a counterpunch to Google's deal with 50 a few weeks prior.

"In the first phase of the deal, the newspaper companies will begin posting their employment classified ads on Yahoo’s classified jobs site, HotJobs, and start using HotJobs technology to run their own online career ads.
But the long-term goal of the alliance with Yahoo, according to one senior executive at a participating newspaper company, is to be able to have the content of these newspapers tagged and optimized for searching and indexing by Yahoo.
In that way, local news — one of the pillars of the newspaper business — would become part of a large information network that would increase usefulness for readers and value to advertisers."

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