Saturday, November 18, 2006

notes from the MTB Ed Morrison sit

Meet the Bloggers » Ed Morrison Director of the Institute for Open Economic Networks--Until transcripts show up again on a regular basis, here is my synopsis of some key words and phrases from the referenced MTB interview:

Friday, November 10th, Ed Morrison of I-Open met the bloggers over at the FUTURE Center for Design and Technology Transfer at 11610 Euclid, where David Moss is the director. The following keywords, ideas, and quotes appear in some way in the podcast:

David Allen; Jack Ricchiuto; ED (Economic Development); funds brokering; CDCs as gatekeepers, not promoters, depressing development; an imprimatur; “a set of civic disciplines”; brainpower, the real competitive advantage, unique on the planet; innovation, entrepreneurship; quality-connected places; branding, telling the story; civic habits; civic dialogue; collaboration; shared risk and reward; alignment; “deep exploration”; “deep engagement”; command and control; industrial mindset; shared meaning; a network world; deep collaboration; collusion; strategic conversation; “the new world of work”; 21st century skills; no longer being able to get a middle-class job with a high-school education; Greenspan; Medicare; aging scientists, global world; pre-Tom Friedman; Charleston, SC and Indiana; GE, Ford, Volvo and 20 years ago; several epiphanies; the Hiroshima engine plant; ocean freight; Beijing; The Commission on the Future of the South; brain science; leverage opportunity; early childhood; northern model of public-led financing; southern model of private-led financing; Research Triangle Park; ethanol; hydrogen; guiding the civic conversation, building political consensus through civic forums and having to move; The Port Authority; ODOTs Intermodal Transportation Plan; transparent and open; Purdue; setting metrics; quarterly forums, continuously aligning each 90 days; new modes of engagement; engage, mentor, use networks; “unnecessary civic vandalism”; civic vandals, deceit, gangsterism; Greater Cleveland Partnership pressure; Voices and Choices; flawed from the beginning; extremely expensive, $150 versus $3; a strategy versus a bumper sticker; appeasement, mollification, manipulation; a meeting and a process; discipline and simple rules; I-Open’s one simple rule: “We will work together in ways that build trust and mutual respect”; Lorain Community College; Fairfield, Iowa; high-leveraged strategies; Ponca City, Oklahoma; “It’s all about the network”; Norm Roulet; Susan Miller; silver lining; a quick regional agenda.

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