Friday, April 28, 2006

"Net Neutrality" under siege | BlogHer [beta]

"Net Neutrality" under siege BlogHer [beta]: "One of the great promises of the internet has been how it has created the information explosion -- not just in terms of commerce, but in terms of personal expression. People are communicating online, interacting with each other, sharing ideas, information, experiences. Entire industries have emerged. Small businesses are empowered.
"This, of course, is disruptive to the status quo. This insurgent economy is shaking the foundations of the multinational corporations. So perhaps we should not be surprised that such a lobbying effort is underway.
"As you might expect, there's lots of money behind this."

Here's a fairly straightforward piece about how our shameless shills in Washington are compromising the interests of the public, again. Read it all. Find out how your local reps stand, or stood, on the issue. I can't see any reason to compromise here, or to cut any rep any slack. This is war; we do not, we cannot, tolerate traitors.

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