Sunday, April 30, 2006

24-hour restaurants/diners in Cleveland?

This past evening, we went all the way from Willoughby through Richmond Heights and South Euclid, Cleveland Heights, Shaker Heights, and the east side of Cleveland without seeing a place to grab a bite after midnight. We finally wound up having to make the choice between the cluster around the Lakewood/Cleveland border or the Expressway Diner on Memphis near Fulton. As I drove, the phrase "dead-ass town" kept coming to the forefront of my consciousness.

Where are there good places to go, besides Steak n' Shake and the ones I've already mentioned, and a few truck stops down I-71, to get food on a 24-hour basis? The list at Plugged In Cleveland didn't reveal much:

24 HOUR Restaurants - 10 results found

• Steve's Kitchen Cleveland
Common Grounds Cleveland
Dianna's Deli & Restaurant Lakewood
Dimitri's Cleveland
Michaels Family Restaurant Rocky River
My Friends Deli Cleveland
New Best Steak and Gyro House Cleveland
Rapid Stop Cleveland
Shobbeez Carry-Out Kitchen Bedford
Shobbeez Carry-Out Kitchen Maple Heights


  1. Isn't that diner at the Shaker Sq. rapid stop 24 hours?
    (It used to be called Michael's Diner; but I've not been to/by it for years now)

  2. Common Grounds is coffee but probably not so much food.

  3. My issue with Cleveland is not so much all night dining but breakfast places. Neighborhood diners open for breakfasts that are nor greasy spoons and yet not expensive. Anyone knows of such a place?

  4. Daniella--

    Here are a few breakfast places we use for friends and business--

    Dee's Old Brooklyn Diner
    4326 Pearl Road
    Cleveland, OH 44109

    Slyman's Restaurant
    3106 Saint Clair Avenue
    Cleveland, OH 44114

    Juniper Grille
    1332 Carnegie Avenue
    Cleveland, OH 44115-2810

    Cafe Miami
    4517 State Road
    Cleveland, OH 44109

    Waterstreet Grill
    1265 West Ninth Street
    Cleveland, OH 44113

    There are more, but it's hard for me to ponder the breakfast scene in the vacuum left by the closing of Ruthie & Mo's, so I'll close.

  5. The east side, especially, is sufferring from a lack of 24-hour eating. There is a Denny's in Highland Heights (right off the Wilson Mills Rd exit of 271), but that' hardly good eating.

    My Friend's is quite good, though, if you're willing to make it out West to W117th. The west side seems to have the best choices for 24-hour eating.

  6. Hey Tim,

    Would you mind if I add this list to the clevewiki ?

    Will Skora ( )

  7. Pizza King in Berea is open 24 hours a day... every night except Xmas Eve.

  8. I just checked my old restaurant list, and it needed updating, which I'll do in a separate post. Michael's is no longer 24-hour, the Shobbeezes seem to have disappeared along with the New Best Steak and Gyro House, and Steak 'n Shake and Denny's need to be considered as alternatives, along with Amy Joy. I'll try to get this all reposted very soon. Please keep help me keep an eye on the 24-hour economy.

  9. Michael's family restaurant is no longer 24/7. It hasn't been for a while now. Still there, but regular restaurant hours now....

  10. Thanks for the update. The all-night terrain has changed significantly since 2006. With the introduction of the gambling places downtown going all night, we seem to be drifting from an economy that fosters productivity to one that encourages idle and wasteful behavior.