Saturday, April 29, 2006

Coffee at The Ugly

Effective Thursday, April 27th, The Ugly Broad at 39th and Denison added Phoenix Coffee to its offerings. We can now go there and drink good coffee (Brazilian Santos regular, or Columbian decaf) as well as the other, more traditional stuff. We now have another "great, good place" or "third place" where we can all get together and begin to bond as a community.

Once again, Sherry Perry has come through for the Archwood-Denison neighborhood. Please support the coffee-talk initiative.

Next on the agenda: Archwood-Denison guerilla wi-fi.

(Remember, too, that Steak Night is Thursday and Taco Night is Wednesday, and there are now hamburgers & chicken tenders & french fries available at a moment's notice, as well.)

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