Saturday, April 29, 2006

Campbell assesses loss in mayor's race

Campbell assesses loss in mayor's race: "Campbell is coming back to Cleveland to start a business, Jane L. Campbell Consulting.
She said it will be a one-woman company for now, focusing on technology in government and economic development.
She won’t rule out a return to politics someday, but for now, she said in an e-mail, “One of the great joys of my new life is that I am a private citizen.” "

For a change, we share Miss Jane's enthusiasm, her joys.

We don't think we'll be tripping all over ourselves to engage her consulting firm; judging from the PD article, she has one skill that sets her apart from and above all the rest, and this is what could be showcased in her new business' name: BlameShifters. Or, should it allude to the mystery, the allegory, swirling around The Red Room ? What IS Cathy Panzica up to lately?

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