Friday, December 26, 2008

MappingTheMess: Tommy Sinito, another heart attack case

Lately, I've been sensitized to the occurrence of sudden and unexpected heart attacks in relation to Cleveland communities and mythologies, and now here comes another one, my southeast-suburb homeboy Tommy Sinito's in 1997. Read the whole excerpt in MapTheMess; for me, it's a new perspective, perhaps a rewrite of actual events, but with oral histories, it's all up for grabs anyway. Enjoy, and make sure to go for your heart screening every year. There might be something in the water around here.

Tommy "The Chinaman" Sinito, a made man in the Cleveland Mafia Family, remains an enigma. The Full extent of his criminal career and influence is shrouded in mystery. He played a large part in the Cleveland Mafia. Tommy Sinito rose from being an errand boy to the rank of made man under Mafia Boss Big Ange Lonardo.

Tommy Sinito caught Big Ange Lonardo’s attention when he tended bar in the early 1970s at the Highlander Restaurant and Lounge on Northfield Road..

Sinito remained a major influence in the Cleveland Mafia until his death from a heart attack in the exercise yard at the Belmont Correctional Institute in 1997. His rapid raise in Mafia ranks from errand boy to made man has created a plethora of stories about him. Most of these are nothing more than fantastic tales.

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Archive: Carmen Zagaria and Tommy Sinito [Map the Mess]


  1. How about giving me creditfor writing he rticle. Tommy Sinitoand his first cousin Tommy Longo were in my circle. My contact with both men were limitied but hey were I could observe both of them closely.
    It isn't easy to write. I had a lot of struggles to get it on paper. If the book ever gets written it take a different vuew of of the Ckevelkand Mafia.
    Amy A. Kisil

  2. Credit? You've got it.

    For those of us who grew up knowing some of the people, it should be a really good read.

  3. Part four of my SInito opus will be a doozy. Zagaria's west side drug ring was areal outfit. They almost took out Tommy Sinito.
    Tommy's son, Frank, has his father's well mannered ways. Frank spoke at Tommy Longo's Memorial service.