Friday, December 12, 2008

The Put It On The Ballot Campaign continues to smirk smugly

Cuyahoga commissioners shuffle funds to pay medical mart legal bill - Metro - of us who worked in the Put It On The Ballot Campaign last year did so efficiently and economically; I do believe that all of our outstanding bills have been paid. We recall quite well how much time and money was expended against us, and against the basic premise that government should not try to sneak through tax increases.

Now, here come the defenders of the MedicalMartConventionCenter with their hands out, expecting the county, the people, to cough up still more. Fred, how about throwing this one in pro bono, as the rest of us did who worked against you, now that Positively Cleveland is backing away from its unethical entanglements?

Commissioners, please hold onto our money. All Fred did during the MedicalMart snafu was to show that he's basically innumerate, and you shouldn't be paying for that sort of foolishness.


  1. To take a break from the frustrations of Cleveland - think back....
    check it out on my blog today.

  2. Isn't the point these days to move money into the workforce?