Tuesday, December 23, 2008

premature capitulation: the aftermath of "Dan Moore blows a whistle on a bad deal"

Already, going back to this BFD post from November 14th, we find the link to the PD story coming up as "story not found" and the website  http://www.savencb.com/ taken down. The vote does not occur until Friday, the day after Christmas.  The newly coined term "premature capitulation" comes to mind as a descriptor of the way a lot of things seem to go around here. Cookies spilled, everybody's already gone home.

Thanks to Carla Rautenberg for the link to the WaPo article. I'd missed it, and I'd imagine I'm not alone.

Carla Rautenberg adds this background from the Washington Post.

Dan Moore blows a whistle on a bad deal | Brewed Fresh Daily


  1. One of the major challenges in this town is focus.

    You look at Cleveland's economic development strategies and they are all over the place. A new JumpStart strategy one week, a new design district the next. (BTW, whatever happeed to the design district?)

    In the midst of all this confusion, they forget the basics. PNB comes to town with a pocketful of Paulsen's Monopoly Money and swipes the tablecloth from Cleveland's head table without moving a fork.

    It's very difficult to follow, basically because the folks in charge have never done anything so complex before.

    After five years of watching this gang, I've come to conclude that they do not really know what they are doing.

  2. Let's hope they don't know what they're doing: dangling hope and then pulling out. I've been observing this since we got involved in the Denihan campaign two mayoral terms ago.

    These guys act as though they're going to do something and then fizzle or flat back out.

    If I were cynical I'd say they were tactically deployed as spoilers.

  3. The question, as we see it, is do we know what we are doing?

    Do we know what we want to happen?

    Do we know how we are going to do what we want?