Wednesday, November 12, 2008

CoveritLive has a record day on November 4, launches Twitter integration...and turns one year old

[Tim Ferris] We just got this from our friends at


Keith McSpurren here. President of CoveritLive. Three short pieces of information for you about our software.

Record Day for CoveritLive
When we had the idea for CoveritLive back in early 2007, I circled November 4, 2008 on my calendar. By election day in the United States, I figured if we had built something of use to people, we would know it by then. We also knew that it would be the biggest test of our ability to provide a scalable, reliable solution for our users. Thanks to thousands of our users CoveritLive was used in 30 countries around the world that day to serve up close to 3,000,000 pageviews between November 4-5 (the 'Replay' readership the day after the election made it the second biggest day in our history). Special thanks to our many users at Gannett, Tribune, Huffington Post, The Times in London and Le Soir in Belgium.

Twitter Integration
Our friends at Mashable wrote about this idea a few months ago and I've felt guilty about not delivering on it until now. A number of you are avid Twitter users so I know you'll be excited when I tell you it is now possible to integrate up to 12 Twitter feeds into your CoveritLive event. Just type in the Twitter accounts you want to autopublish and every minute, CoveritLive will go get any new Tweets and publish them directly into your Viewer Window with a little 't' logo so your readers know it was a Tweet. As for more integration? We think this was the most important one, so we'll wait a little to see how it works out.

CoveritLive Turns One
It's always awkward when you have to tell people it's your birthday. But ours is November 15. We're growing, but we've got a long way to go. Given how far we've come in the first twelve months, I'm looking forward to seeing what CoveritLive looks like at the end of 2009.

As always, we welcome feedback and suggestions. Please email us at

Keith McSpurren
President, CoveritLive

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  1. Thanks Tim, I learned about this from you. I am asking them if I can then take the results and post it to my blog.