Friday, July 18, 2008

Mike Lang finally in the PD, after he throws women's clothes into the booze equation

Euclid Avenue construction nears completion - Cleveland Metro News – The Latest Breaking News, Photos and Stories from The Plain Dealer -- A few weeks ago, I wrote here about our friend and neighbor Mike Lang and his survival epic that's played out on Euclid these past few years. Now, yesterday, he gets some front-page billing in the PD, and its for adding women's clothes to an aggressive mix of liquor and men's sartorial splendor. I understand he had a minor marketing epiphany recently listening to that song that has the refrain, "Show me, where's the dress?"

Good luck, Mike. I'll be teetering down to 1275 Euclid soon, as quickly as I can get used to these new heels.


  1. Arrgh, Vivo closed! That was my favorite downtown restaurant. Sheesh - this had better be worth it.

  2. Mike's clothes are definitely worth it; his price points have always been good, and are better now. He will also order for you from the suppliers. If I don't see what I want, I ask for the vendor books.