Saturday, July 19, 2008

Jack and George and Thomas review Instructions from the Cook interview Brewed Fresh Daily -- Watch the video interview, done with The South Side restaurant in the background. Jack has such a nice way of talking about massive change in a nonthreatening way. Here's George's lead-in from BFD, with all the links you need:

It’s turning into a big media day for me. Besides today’s radio show on WCPN (don’t forget to call in your questions and comments), the video interview for Instructions from the Cook Thomas did last Monday when the book came out is in this week’s issue of CC:

Jack Ricchiuto & George Nemeth, local community-builders, have
teamed up to author a new book entitled Instructions from the Cook, a collection of creative recipes and and ideas for engaging and empowering a community to change. Based on zen principles,
their book speaks of how small acts can bring big change. Listen to this video interview at their book signing in Tremont with Cool Cleveland’s Thomas Mulready and learn how to initiate conversations, both on the internet and face-to-face, that maximize our individual gifts and talents to build our community.

When is the last time you actually made soup for a senior, exchanged stories with a homeless person or used one of your unique gifts to reach out of your comfort zone and help someone with lesser resources? Dive into this little gem and become authentically engaged.

You can order a copy of IftC at
Designing Life Books.

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