Thursday, July 17, 2008

choppers for the urbane - Men's Cruiser Bikes--I've found the street bicycle I want. My criteria were that it have front and rear fenders and a chain guard, and now here's this creation by Nirve that I could even ride down to The Ugly Broad and park amongst the motorcycles. It's called The Cannibal.

I found a companion bike for Gloria in electric moss green, or metallic moss. Her nickname used to be Toad, so the color's more than appropriate. Hers is called The Switchblade.

Here on the Near West Side, we have traditions that die hard, even in the yuppier-than-thou pursuit of sustainability.


  1. Very sharp looking bike Mr. Ferris. I do have to wonder aloud (well at least in print) why bikes for men have that 'bar' across the top when one would think it was as important to them as it is to females not to have it. But maybe that's just me lol. Not only is the bike cool but the site is fun too.

    Yuppier than thou LOL

  2. nice ride. if you're thinking of dropping that much, also check out the electra line.

  3. ya gotta be tough--I guess that's where the term "hardtail" comes from