Friday, September 07, 2007

shot out: Rosemary's up and running on Meet the Bloggers

Meet the Bloggers » Rosemary Palmer, Candidate, US Congress, Ohio 10th -- I was afraid she might come off as "Dennis-lite" if she stuck to framing things the way he likes to, the snarky, wise-guy, "gotcha," way. She won't. She's for real. She's authentic. Talking to a normal, but talented, person like Rosemary makes me realize how dysfunctional, but talented, Dennis really is, and how underserved we are and have been for a good number of years, not just in Congress, but in all other government positions he has held, all the way back to embarrassments of the 1970s. If you want to acknowledge a big reason for the malaise around here, look no further than Dennis, and his rabid band of acolytes.

Rosemary needs to tune up her campaign patter a bit and become more pat and conversant on the "litmus test" issues, but there's a load of time for that. The fact of the matter is that she's running for all the right reasons, and that's because she's sick and tired of being sold out and lied to by elected politicians at the national level, who are conversant with the issues but manipulate them and do nothing. She's thrown herself into the breach on behalf of all of us. She wants representation and not buffoonery, and so do we.


  1. Did I miss the memo on the embarssments ending when the 70's did? I think the embarssments have continued all the way up to today.

    I want to know who some of these rabid acolytes are. Are these the same worshipping at the altar of the cuyahoga county democrat party...with high Priest Dimora?

  2. I don't think they're quite the same. You'll know them by their proletarian affectations, their SDS undercurrents, the scarlet taint of The Red Book. Jimmy Duh's people are more of a "greaser" set.

    So far as embarrassments are concerned, we all have them--Aunt Mary used to walk out the front door back in Cleveland Heights buck naked except for her purse, high heels, and her hat and veil--but usually, they aren't representing us in Congress, and certainly not this long.

  3. Actually, the rabid Dennis acolytes are usually attacking the regular Democratic party for not having the wisdom to recognize that Dennis is the Only True Path and if people would just stop talking about how "unelectable" he is, he would be swept into the presidency on a nearly unanimous sea of acclaim. You know them because they announce that it's clear that Dennis is the "only" one who echoes "our" positions most accurately and that no one has been able to make a real case for any of the other candidates; it's all personal! After all, Dennis is so great he can't be denied. Although their ideals and end goals may be more laudable, they remind me of die-hard neocons who insist there IS no other way of seeing the world but theirs.

    Can you tell that the Dennis groupies have gotten on my last nerve?

  4. Madame P--

    Sounds like they've drunk the KoolAid and lived, or at least still walk around zombified. There's something to be said for the Jim Jones route for cultists, when it comes to the overall health of all of society.