Saturday, September 08, 2007

the 3-ounce solution

TSA Rules, TSA Security, TSA Regulations, 311 Rules -- I had no idea we now had to limit our travel-bag toiletries to 3 ounces per container, in the interest of national security, compliments of yet another bureaucratic layer called the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). I wonder how much we pay to have this extra layer of employees in place, to confound us and amaze us? I do know that I have the option of paying somewhere between $24.95 and $44.95 to mitigate the impact of this bureaucratic imposition on my mobility.

Take note that solid stick deodorant, that can have a consistency and composition similar to that of C-4 or plastique, can be packed anywhere in your luggage. Don't you just feel safer already, now that we have 311 in place?

I don't think I'll be traveling much by commercial air in the near future; there's too much of a chance I'll come unstuck prior to boarding and wind up in a holding cell, until I calm down and become a good, docile citizen again. Do they put you in the tank if you object to these insane processes, or do you just disappear?

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