Wednesday, September 05, 2007

grand opening at Steelyard

Cleveland's Steelyard Commons -- Our friends over at have noted the following festive event:

Steelyard Grand Opening Families are invited to enjoy activities, giveaways and parade marking long-anticipated grand opening of Cleveland's largest retail center, Steelyard Commons, on Thu 9/6 from 4 – 8:30PM. Live entertainment, games, raffles and more (a parade of performances featuring local community talent begins at 7PM). Steelyard Commons, 3584 Jennings Rd. (From downtown, take I-71 South to Jennings Freeway, exit at Steelyard Dr.

One thing I find extremely heartening is that the IHOP is open 24 hours. Also, the Chipotle serves fairly healthy food, and there's lots of open space for rallies and other massed-up community events. In retrospect, we should have thought to use it for the campaign, but the convoluted access from the freeways might have been a drawback. Getting into Steelyard Commons seems to be an acquired skill, for many. Perhaps for a few days this month we could call all seniors to register for the Homestead Exemption (a $400 value, give or take) before October 1st. This would give our little Mitchell the exposure he so badly needs for the Steelyard project, perform a needed public service, and test the accessibility quotient of the site, and its centrality in the context of the county.

One thing that makes no sense at all to me is that I hear there is a Starbucks coffee shop buried over there somewhere, but it has no street presence.


  1. Tim: There's a Starbucks inside the Target, but according to the Steelyard Commons website, there will also be one built next to Chipotle.

  2. that round about at the end of 14th always throws me off!

    anyhow...what about that towpath that goes through steelyard? Will it have a stop at Super Walmart when it opens? Will there be adds (mini-billboards) for shopping center tenants?

    BTW...we missed the towpath ribbon cutting ceremony in steelyard. A lot of our favorite Cleveland pols were there. I just a sideshow of pictures from the ceremony. Guess which of favorite JCU alumnus is prominently displayed giving remarks.

    mike pelsozy

  3. that homestead exemption credit is only a smokescreen to make the next school levy more palatable to the older citizens. we were able to pound them pretty hard on that issue during their quiet attempt to pass issue 3. looks like the doom and gloom that was forecast never materialized after they didn't get their hands on that 46 million. indeed, the result was positive, barbara bryd bennett is gone and living in solon. she must have moved there "for the children." i love unmasking these phonies.

  4. Chuck, thanks, that's good to hear; I feel jazzier already. Mike, the towpath ought to be fine, if Tim Donovan makes it; I saw a picture of him in that ribbon-cutting thing you sent me, and I mistook him for a guy in his '70s; Tim's been obsessed with, or focused on, the towpath these past 20-30 years. Anon, do you really think they had that in mind when they did this broadening of the Homestead Exemption at the state level?

  5. I found out, or just noticed, today that the I-Hop at Steelyard Commons also has free wifi.