Wednesday, July 25, 2007

will the real throwback please stand up? - Straight Outta Mansfield Polenseks Rage -- I read old, tired diatribes like this one we have from Mansfield Frazier and wonder why this guy has a forum at all. This is a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black, or more specifically, "a throwback" and "White" with a capital "W" to boot. We were over in the Waterloo Road district yesterday, talking to people who have a stake there, and they told us they Mansfield can't begin to presume to speak for them, and that he was "bought and sold" --by whom, they didn't specify. All I know is that Mansfield is deeply discounted over off Waterloo, by just about everybody.

This is about good neighbors, and bad neighbors. "A clash of cultures"? Nonsense...drivel. Mansfield, let's quit the posturing; I don't know what audience you're playing for, but the act is old and tired. If you continue to have a forum, use it to benefit the community. Unite it; integrate it. Quit trying to form factions. Point out what we have in common. Try to lead. Get everybody moving in the same direction. If you're given a forum, you have a responsibility. Assume it.

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