Monday, July 09, 2007

free to be: audio outlaws

I was reading the Cleveland FREETIMES newsprint NEO-wish-fulfillment edition (the one featuring the Mafia plot to kill Dennis Kucinich) and happened to notice an ad on the back for "Audio Outlaws." The advertisement for auto-audio featured cleavage offset by two huge speakers and a subwoofer and mentioned a 600-watt amp. I think that's a lot, but I'm not really expert in that market.

The point I wanted to make is that, obviously, these merchants know that they are selling product to make people "outlaws," that is, people who break the law when they use the product. They flaunt this in their very name. They also know that enforcement of the noise ordinances is weak. They also know that if enforcement picks up, because of the "outlaws"'replacements of the confiscated boomboxes, they'll sell more product, for a while.

Is it possible to levy a nuisance tax on this kind of business, first of all?

This summer has been sort of noisy. It adds to the stress; you get no real peace, even at 3 in the morning. For those of us in town, it creates a siege mentality, or the incipient stages of PTSD. Businesses like Audio Outlaws know they're parasites, and they revel in it.

Second, is it possible to make them a party in some sort of lawsuit? Ill-gotten gain should not stay put; it should be recovered and redistributed. We need to take our neighborhoods back, and that includes recapturing some of the equity stolen in the past. If they rob us of our peace and quiet at our homes, they also reduce the value of those homes across an enforcement area, and we need to take our money back.


  1. when reading this, i thought of the phrase "IF IT'S TOO LOUD, YOU'RE TOO OLD."


  2. Point! Katie! Thanks for helping me with my perspectives, as usual.

  3. I must agree with Katie here on this one Tim. I was going to say something scathing, however I will just say that I lost an infinitesimally small amount of respect for you after reading this post, and allow you to draw your own conclusions towards reconciliation personally.

  4. UAC--

    Oh, go ahead. Let it all out, even though it, too, might have been someplace on the infinitesimal scale. Keeping it all pent up inside can make you sick.

    Do I know you? From prison?

  5. Oh my God, you have me cracking up over here. I didn't know you were in prison, Tim! Do tell, do tell. I think that respect may be waxing. :-)

  6. I wouldn't do any waxing just on general principle, and certainly not to get respect, but especially not in a prison atmosphere.

    Or did you mean waxing as in waning?